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Honolulu, Hawaii

Life gets nuts - Find balance, flow, and inspiration through Kiki Jones art.

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Life gets nuts - Find balance, flow, and inspiration through Kiki Jones art.

KikiJonesart is named after my alter ego, Kiki Jones. Kiki Jones is a fearless bad ass that lives life on her own terms - I believe we all have a little KikiJones in us - maybe under a different name, but we all have that fierce, fun, creative, colorful character that enjoys life to the fullest and lives with passion and purpose.

I started drawing and painting as soon as I could pick up a pencil. During my childhood I would happily slip away into a world I created through art. Then, somewhere along the way, I got a little lost. I stopped creating, but all that creative energy still needed an outlet, and the outlets weren't always healthy or productive.

Long story short, I found yoga. My yoga practice helped me realize that I need to find balance so my life could flow naturally. I found this balance when I returned to creating art. For years I didn't share my art with anyone, until finally Kiki Jones grew tired of my indecision and decided she was ready to break free. Now that she's free, she wants to be everywhere, on everything. Many of these designs are inspired by yoga, the incredible natural beauty of Hawaii, and the intricate art of Southeast Asia (my roots). Enjoy Kiki Jones designs with your coffee, tote her around with you (she loves adventure), or spice up your home with some Kiki Jones accents. Hopefully she'll inspire the Kiki in you!